Faye Toogood’s BATCH series

element tableBritish designer Faye Toogood has created a series of furniture pieces that are actually meant to be used. Pictured above is the element table. Hand crafted in England using tinted glass and solid ash, the element table is a new take on an old design. For this version, as with the four other pieces that comprise her new BATCH series, the table was made not of brass, or stone, or molded crystal resin, as in previous incarnations, but of a material possibly more modest and definitely more frequently found in and around the designers’ home town: wood. With this new series, Toogood’s intention was to create something less worthy of an art gallery and more worthy of a home.

spade side table

Spade Side Table


spade chair

Spade Chair

See these pieces and others at the designer’s website: www.fayetoogood.com