TaoKan of Saint-Germain-Des-Prés, Paris

taokanTien-Dat Au, Head Chef at TaoKan in Paris, understands remarkably well how to impress a crowd already so well-versed in Chinese cuisine. By starting with the fundamentals and blending them with fresh techniques and unique tastes, Tien-Dat Au has developed a distinctive and delicious menu to rouse a modern palate, a menu now at the top of my list in Paris.

Started by Christophe Daine, a former luxury watch executive who spent years traveling between Paris and Hong Kong, Tien-Dat Au boasts its ties with a worldly set, paying homage to the cultural and cuisinal give-and-take that characterizes the global landscape today. Daine’s dream of founding a top Chinese restaurant in the heart of Paris came full-force with TaoKan, now regarded as one of the city’s must-try Asian eateries.

Aside from being delicious, TaoKan’s mise-en-scène is superb. Architects Hélene and Olivier Lempereur created a clean, open space. A clear reflection of the food being served, the designers of TaoKan made apt use of the concept of elegance in simplicity. Experienced together, a sensational impression. Reservations recommended.

8 rue de Sabot, Saint-Germain-Des-Prés, Paris 6th