Art World: ‘Take Home A Nude’


The title of last Tuesday’s event at Sotheby’s in New York was, for some, a misnomer. Although most of the art on display was figurative, a good deal of which incorporated some version of the classic nude, not everybody that bought work was actually able to Take Home A Nude. Myself included.

Lily Koto Olive James 2013

James, by Lily Koto Olive

I was very glad to walk away with a piece by Lily Koto Olive, a multimedia artist based in New York. I met Lily a few months ago at the Tribeca Ball which, like Take Home A Nude, is an annual benefit for the New York Academy of Art. I immediately fell in love with her work, which is why I was pleasantly surprised, shocked, actually, when the auction had closed and I learned that by coincidence I had just purchased one of her works. The piece, a portrait of fellow artist James Linkous, is made with sumi ink on cold pressed paper and stands nearly 5 feet high. A large piece, I’m still deciding the best place for it, and very excited to see it on the wall.

Jeffrey Dennis The Working Model 2011

The Working Model, by Jeffrey Dennis

My second purchase of the night is a painting by British born artist Jeffrey Dennis. Having wandered through the gallery rooms I stumbled upon his The Working Model. It was easily the most unusual piece at Sotheby’s that night and frankly I’ve never seen anything quite like it before. I’m very happy to add the work to my collection.

Founded in 1982 by Andy Warhol and Stuart Pivar, the New York Academy of Art is one of the foremost institutions in the world and it’s an honor for me to be ranked among its contributors. It’s always a thrill to see what the next generation of artists are up to both in New York and abroad and events like these are a perfect opportunity to do just that.


Myself with friend L.K.

Alyssa Monk Tonic

Guests admiring Alyssa Monk’s Tonic


Naomi Watts and Angela M. Gram’s Cassowarries


Guests in the gallery