Smart Beer, New York’s Organic

smart beer, the aviso, richard vorisek associates, new york cityIt’s beer, it’s delicious, and it’s organic to boot. What more could you ask for here in New York City? Brewed in Saratoga Springs and currently spreading like wild fire throughout the Tri-state area, Smart Beer is a new company with a timeless objective: to produce a great tasting beverage with ingredients taken from the ground, not from a laboratory. Using only USDA-certified and GMO-free ingredients, Smart Beer is the first purely organic brew from New York State.

The company’s debut product—an Organic Golden Ale—tastes refreshing and zesty. A lighter bodied brew, notes of orange peel and licorice root give it a well bodied complexity that craft beer drinkers will appreciate. Smart Beer seems aware that with the beer market as varied and competitive as it has recently grown to be it isn’t enough to have the USDA’s stamp of approval. A beer’s most fundamental concern is that it leave consumers grabbing for more. In the case of Smart Beer, retailers such as Whole Foods, Citi Field, and Union Market are just a few of locations where customers can do just that.

Visit their website’s store locator to find out where you can find Smart Beer near you.