Shang Xia: Chinese Craft meets European Luxury

dezeen_Shang-Xia-by-Kengo-Kuma_ss_1Shanghai has long been one of the world’s great international cities, a true melting pot of cultures from every corner of the globe. This peculiar mix has laid fertile ground for remarkable new work from artists and craftsman alike. One particularly unique group that we happened upon in Shanghai is Shang Xia, a young brand with an old soul and a partnership with one of the top luxury European brands, Hermès. Together with Hermès Group, Chinese designer Jiang Qiong Er set up Shang Xia company in 2008 to create a 21st century lifestyle brand founded on the finest Chinese design traditions.

tumblr_inline_mnofk7Nfu71qz4rgpThe foundation of their brand is an unwavering dedication to the quality of their product. Each piece in their collections of furniture, jewelry, homeware, and apparel is created using the world’s finest handcraft techniques and can take months, even years, to complete. Mongolian cashmere felt, precious century-old zitan wood, minute bamboo fibers gilded in layers of gold; the materials used are equally as crucial as the very hands that make them.


Having recently opened their Paris boutique, Shang Xia has enjoyed international acclaim. Back home in Shanghai, a new space is currently being constructed to house not just a shop but an experience center offering tea ceremonies and meditation workshops.

shangxia_1-copyAs the name Shang Xia implies—it translates to “up and down” in English—style is a state of harmony achieved by a dynamic flow of energy from the past, present, and future. It’s a dialogue between classic and contemporary tastes in which new traditions are found.

Shang Xia is truly in a class of its own.


Visit them in Shanghai: 283 Huaihai Middle Road

Beijing: China World Trade Center 1

Paris: 8 Sèvres Road

Or on the web: