Saatchi Gallery: New Art from Africa & Latin America

Antonio Malta Campos Figures in Red 1

The current exhibition at Saatchi Gallery in London is a globetrotting collection of international work. It’s name, Pangaea, alludes to an earth long gone, when our seven continents were one large heaping mass lying somewhere in the Southern Hemisphere before eventually being pulled apart through continental drift. Unlike the actual Pangaea, however, the show limits its offering to works from Africa and Latin America, including works from 15 different artists of varying notoriety.

The full scope of work on display in this exhibition, which includes new painting, photography, installation and sculpture, encapsulates this sense of diversity – a bubbling energy surfacing in two great continents that were at one time combined.

rafael gomezbarros casa tomadaRafael Gómezbarros’ Casa Tomada Rafael

Certainly in terms of style, the works in the show are as varied as the places from which they came. Antonio Malta Campos’ gouache paintings are bold and whimsical, combining elements of abstract, photo-montage, and American folk. Rafael Gómezbarros’ installation is a realist configuration of impressively abnormal proportions, with giant 2-foot ants strewn across the walls and ceiling in a familiar though exaggerated assemblage.

rafael gomezbarros-1Gómezbarros’ Casa Tomada

Dark Americano Oscar MurilloOscar Murillo’s Dark Americano

Christian Rosa Endless RefillChristian Rosa’s Endless Refill Vincent MicheaVincent Michea’s Senegalese vinyl series

Londres-Avril-2014-056Vincent Michea’s Senegalese vinyl series