Monsieur Bleu at Palais de Tokyo

monsieur-bleu-dirand-7We’re on a Joseph Dirand kick over here. Upon getting to know some of Dirand’s stunning work within the luxury retail sector for brands like Balenciaga and Givenchy, we were compelled to dig further into his body of work which led us to the remarkable Monsieur Bleu.

monsieur-bleu-paris-dirand-3Located within the Palais de Tokyo in Paris, one of the largest centers for contemporary art in Europe, Monsieur Bleu stands alone as a work of art in and of itself. And like the wide variety of work being showcased throughout the Palais, the interior at Monsieur Bleu is a melange, meticulously crafted and entirely balanced, that does more than simply nod to the aesthetic attitudes of today but appears as a paragon of such attitudes.

monsieur-bleu-paris-dirand-4At first glance the rooms are brimming with neo-art deco sensibility: the stream-lined surfaces and hard edges, as well as gilded elements which are rightfully kept at a subtle pitch. For seating Dirand went for simple, clean mid-century modern in complimentary shades of green and gray, and brought in modern ceiling light fixtures reminiscent of classical Chinese paper lamps.

monsieur-bleu-paris-dirand-1Together, we have classic elegance, and yet even at its most classic the restaurant exudes a sense of being very ‘now.’ There is a rawness to the space, an industrial feel, which lends a fresh hand to its more familiar notes. Dirand’s clear play upon contrast, proportion, and texture throughout the design brings a dynamic edge to what otherwise may have transpired as an homage to styles past. With Monsieur Bleu Dirand was able to do that thing that we love, which is to take the best parts of the styles we know and transform them into something stunning, something we’ve never seen before.