Working with Mondiland, an Ambitious Chinese Luxury Brand

mondiland1Ningbo, China – In continuing our ‘360 Degrees of Retail Excellence’ seminar series in China, the RVA team has traveled from Shenzhen to Ningbo to work with prominent Chinese menswear brand, Mondiland. We are especially excited to be working with Mondiland because it’s a young company that offers a classic and high-quality product.

Like many companies in China today, Mondiland has its roots in the private-label business but it understands that its greatest opportunity lies in expanding its own luxury brand. Currently with 50 retail stores, the brand is testing new concepts and solidifying its vision as they prepare to move forward with a major growth strategy.

Lead by owner and general manager, Mr. Wubing Sheng, the Mondiland team is creative and determined. They are exploring new and innovative ideas in marketing, brand positioning, and in-store visuals, and RVA is very excited to help them use these aggressive strategies to meet their goals.

The RVA team, lead by Richard Vorisek, CEO and Mary Hamilton, President, has spent the last 4 days in an intensive in-house seminar at the Mondiland headquarters in Ningbo. It has been such an amazing experience for us, having the chance to really spend time with and get to know Mondiland team, understanding their corporate culture and being given the privilege to enter their world. Through tried-and-true RVA exercises, we are working together to better articulate the company’s core brand values, a critical step in the creation of a new Vision Statement sure to guide Mondiland into a prosperous future.

mondiland4Richard Vorisek leading a group exercise mondiland3  Mary Hamilton of RVA and Ivan Lynn of Blue Space engaged in brand values exercisemondiland2Mondiland owner and general manager, Wubing Sheng

mondiland5RVA & Blue Space with the Mondiland Team