Matisse Cut-Outs at London’s Tate Modern


Matisse Cut-Outs at the Tate Modern in London is exceptional exhibition, in fact it is the largest and most extensive presentation of the artist’s cut-outs ever assembled. There are about 100 works of this style, and they date back to the 1940’s when Matisse turned to cut paper as his primary medium, dubbing the process “painting with scissors.” The Matisse Cut-Outs are shown alongside drawings, illustrated books, stained glass, and textiles. Among the masterpieces on view are the Blue Nude series, and Icarus, both of which you’ll surely recognize. Also on view is The Swimming Pool, a monumental cut-out originally made for the artist’s dining room, which has been newly conserved and is being exhibited for the first time in more than 20 years. The show is stunning. And I was very pleased to hear that after London the show will move to MOMA in New York, where I will certainly take the opportunity to see it again.


Matisse_cutouts_tate_modern_2Matisse_cutouts_tate_modern_1 Matisse_cutouts_tate_modern_5Matisse_cutouts_tate_modern_4Matisse_cutouts_tate_modern_6