The Pourcel Brothers’ Jardin des Sens

@Jardin-des-Sens-1Owned and operated by renowned chefs Jacques & Laurent Pourcel, this four-star hotel and restaurant is making major impressions in the region of Languedoc and beyond. Inspired by the region from which the Pourcel twins’ hail, Le Jardin des Sens is a celebration of all five senses, and has evolved into a kind of institution in the South of France.

The restaurant is surrounded by gardens. Light and airy, the cuisine reflects the simple and refined, modern and creative spirit of Languedoc. Simplicity at its essence, while taking tremendous care both in ingredients and in execution. The philosophy of the brothers is that you can’t have good cooking without good produce, something that is without a doubt reflected in their food. The brothers pride themselves on their ingredients, continually searching for the best local produce, meat and fish to use in their kitchen.

The Pourcel’s maintain this philosophy both within their various establishments in France, as well as at their latest endeavor in Shanghai. You might say these chefs have began a new gastronomic movement, one that embodies the essence of traditional French cuisine but re-imagined for ever-evolving world.

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