La Crème de la Crème of Paris Hotels

355134Hands down the best hotel experience of my life, The Grand Hotel du Palais Royal has given me yet another reason to lust over the city of love. For me, there’s no city like Paris. And as time goes by and my knowledge of the city expands, it’s accommodations like these that help me feel increasingly more at home.

First of all it’s gorgeous, even for Paris standards. Simple, chic, modern design throughout both public and private spaces. Designer Pierre-Yves Rochon, known globally for revamping and rejuvenating some of the world’s most iconic hotels, has created an ultra-refined interior where classic luxury meets modern design. My favorite kind of chic. And as homage to the near by Palais Royal Garden, plants and flowers are placed throughout, a key note of the hotel and just part of what makes it so special.

The space is incredible. But like with any hotel the aesthetic is only half the battle. I firmly believe that service is just as important, if not more, and that is precisely where The Grand Hotel du Palais Royal transcends. The staff here were happy to fulfill all of my requests, and not only that, very often such requests were fulfilled even before I had time to ask. No hotel has ever paid such careful and personal attention to detail. Within hours of my arriving the staff already seemed to understand my schedule and began to plan accordingly. Whenever I’m on holiday I’m often late to rise and late to settle in for the evening. Breakfast at 1pm? No problem. Dinner at midnight? Great. And I was astounded to learn that someone had already made me reservations at ‘Spring,’ a tiny local hot spot that is ordinarily booked months in advance.

The whole experience was superb, and wasn’t long before I decided that I’ve found my home away from home. In fact within the first day of my stay every single staff member I came across called me by name. Hotels can be beautiful, elegant, and impeccable to the eye, but unless they can impel their guests to feel welcome it really can be a wasted venture. There are a million hotels in Paris but only one that fits this bill. Do yourself a favor next time you’re in Paris, treat yourself.

4 rue de Valois, Paris 1