A Modest Debut for Goyard in New York

maison goyard boutique new york cityGoyard has long been one of luxury retail’s most mysterious brands. While keeping an unprecedentedly low profile throughout the world, the brand has managed to maintain a stalwart reputation based largely on quality and prestige. Unlike its luxury rivals who have welcomed relatively recent advances in marketing, namely e-commerce and social media, Goyard has refrained from joining in. Rather it has carefully, and decisively, preserved a steady air of exclusivity and discretion, yet not without creating a buzz and perpetuating a legacy.

So it was no great shock to discover that Goyard had quietly debuted its first ever New York boutique largely beneath the radar of media and the quotidian shopper. Just off Madison at 20 East 63rd Street, Goyard, which has zero social media presence and as a rule refuses to speak to press, opened its doors “a couple of weeks ago,” according to one sales associate. The shop itself is everything one would expect: refined, meticulous, understated. Not to mention quiet. The decision to open not on Madison but just off the famed thoroughfare was clearly attempt to remain accessible but not overly. The story of Goyard should be a reminder to all of those building their brand that there is no set method of doing so. Staying true to the foundations of your brand is essential, whatever that might mean.

20 East 63rd Street, New York City

maison goyard boutique new york citymaison goyard boutique new york citymaison goyard boutique new york city