Domaine de Verchant Spa – Montpellier, France


La Domaine de Verchant, a stunning spa and hotel located just outside of Montpellier. Situated in a former wine castle, the hotel offers some of the best and most beautiful accommodations in the region of Languedoc.

On the grounds, you’ll find gardens, a swimming pool, spa, and plenty of fresh air. While inside the chateau, the restaurant is superb, offering the very best of French cuisine with a menu that would indulge any luxury-loving traveler.

Owned and operated by a wine-making family, Verchant knows its wine, and even produces its own varieties from grapes grown on the property. Just 15 minutes walk or a short drive will take you to the tramway, the easiest way to go to the center of metropolitan Montpellier.

La Domaine de Verchant is perfect either for a romantic evening, or a week of relaxation. Treat yourself with some Languedoc art de vivre!