Marais for Moroccan: Le 404

IMG_6816Anyone who has spent time in Paris has felt that North African beat which resonates through the city’s serpentine streets, adding a bit of zest to a classically French inflection. On my latest trip to Paris I felt it not only on the street but also, gladly, in my stomach.

A friend brought me to Le 404 restaurant in the Marais where I was to have some of the best – no, the best – Moroccan/Algerian food I have ever tasted. Housed in a gorgeous 16th century structure, one of the oldest private houses in the city, owner Mourad Mazouz has taken great care in illuminating the interior with stunning North African adornment.

I had never heard of the place but having been made the wiser I’ve gradually learned that Le 404 has become a cult-favorite for Parisians and travelers alike since it opened its doors 19 years ago.

Le 404
69 rue des Gravilliers, Paris 4